Succumb to the Ash

by Plaguewielder

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This is music that modifies its native state's moto with a razor blade and scratches in "Without God, all things are possible"-Decibel Magazine

Succumb to the Ash is a concept record based upon the Tibetan Book of the Dead text “Bardo Thodol" Which touches upon the subjest of Life, Death, After-life, and Rebirth

"Succumb to the Ash is one of the saddest and most compelling sludge albums I’ve heard in ages" -Black Metal and Brews

"Plaguewielder is a blackened sludge/doom act with major riffing, tone and substance that you just cannot get enough of. The band also utilizes gigantic doom atmosphere to induce fear and aggression onto the listener. It exceeded my expectations greatly and I think you all will enjoy their debut album, Succumb to the Ash.' -HeadbangorGTFO

"From funereal slowness to full-steam-ahead thrashery, Plaguewielder matches the willingness to roam into fruitful exploration with a well-landed load of approaches.The band's done right by themselves for their first release."-Ride With The Devil

"Plaguewielder is one of the best bands to emerge in the United States in the past few years, especially from Ohio. Their sound has an immense sound-scape. You can feel the tragic and powerful undertones. I expect these guys to make quite the name for themselves in the next year. They are about to release their debut album “Succumb to the Ash” and it is a monster."


released May 4, 2015

All songs written by Bryce Seditz (Vocals/Guitar/Noise)
All bass written and performed by Mitch Lawerence (Bass/Keys)
Al drums written and performed by Cody Cooke (Drums)

All Saxophone and Flute on 'Offered to the Sky" performed by Mitch Lawerence

Trumpet on "Offered up to the Sky" performed by Cody Cooke

Guitar solos on "Destined for the Dirt" and "Commence in the Ritual of Death" preformed by Chris Vogagis and Bryce Seditz.

Beyond the Mind created by Chris Vogagis

Produced, MIxed, and Mastered by Chris Vogagis and Plaguewielder

Artwork (Plague Priestess) by Rebecca Clegg (

Layout by Matt Tluchowski (



all rights reserved


Plaguewielder Ohio

Plaguewielder is a two piece blackened sludge outfit from a decrepit mill town in Ohio. Formed by Bryce Seditz and Cody Cooke (Doctor Smoke) Plaguewielder is in the process of recording their sophomore album.

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Track Name: Commence in the Ritual of Death
everything that has a shape

will crumble away

alone in this world

with nowhere to rest

delusions are as various as

the moon on a rippling sea

beings so easily caught

in a net of confusing pain

may death guide us

to the path of awakening

may we rest easy.

commence in the ritual of death
Track Name: Dissolve into Pure Light
dont be afraid

rest in this,

the vast luminosity of the mind itself

clear radiance of ones own nature

free from the shadows of birth and death

space has dissoved into pure light

the body and consciousness have separated

you are not alone in leaving this world

dont cling to the past

go forward
Track Name: Destined for the Dirt
now, awaiting your mind
the vivid form of your own awareness
lost and wandering this earth
endless unrest cursed by birth
pass through mountains
circle the universe
infinite limits to which i have gone
unknown to the eye
forgotten, passed by in time
let your grasping mind dissolve
search for liberation
you will again suffer the torments of living and dying
to lose all is too realize absolution
to gain everything is to forget the answers
breath of the wind
shuttering in the cold
the sense of dismay
blankets a desolate soul
promised nothing but the grave
no future foretold
into a cold abyss
this body was ment to decay
the soul has flown away.
this body was not ment to remain.
the still of the earth is a reminder i am destined for the dirt.
Track Name: Palms of the Earth
so blissful
filled with scorn
the doorway, only way out
so vast and tempremental
moving into the greatest silence
the continous cycle
knows no end
to stare into the void
is to stare into the soul
life is fleeting
forget all you know
dimming the light
death whispers its final goodnight
unwinding the coils
digested by time its self
sweet release of death
revealing inner truth
be opened, the mouth of mystery
be called, wings of the wind
to stare into the void
is to stare into the soul
life is fleeting
forget all you know
dimming the light
death whispers its final goodnight
placed in the palms of the earth
to which i return
Track Name: Offered up to the Sky
Carried up the foggy mountain

To funeral grounds (where trees don’t grow)

Nourishing the earth

Body laid down

Eternally resting

Once again enter the human realm

Secrets of the soul

No holding on, let go

Beyond the body

Beyond the mind

Leave all you know behind

Floating free

Invoking wisdom of the ancients

This great blazing light

Is enlightenment itself

Recognize the luminosity

Which dawns before you

The sacred act

An offering to the sky

Sustaining life of another being

This great blazing light

Is enlightenment itself

Recognize the luminosity

Which dawns before you

Vultures feast

Sustaining life

Offered up to the sky.

Swiftly consuming

Mortal coils untied

The soul has migrated to another realm